Strong Bond


Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 77cm (h)
  • 36cm (w)
  • 32cm (d)


Shona artist Tonderai Sowa with one of his abstract sculptures

Tonderai Sowa


Tonderai has tied the stone in a knot!

“The bonding indicates an agreement that is strong and honest. Both people have made a commitment to each other that they intend to keep.”

Two people, the two uprights, have bound themselves together because they know they will achieve more if they work as a team. Of course, this can only work if there is trust and honesty within the partnership, as shown by the unbreakable links between them.

At just under a metre tall, this elegant fluid sculpture is a very versatile height. For instance, raising it up on a tall thin plinth in a flowerbed would increase visual impact in a garden. Equally, it would not be overwhelming on a low plinth on a patio. And of course, it’s small enough that it would also be a terrific statement piece displayed indoors.

Springstone is the local name for a hard type of serpentine stone. It has a dense, even internal structure of small grains of rock with very few flaws, and is the perfect medium for Tonderai’s technically challenging style. It is suitable for outdoor display.

A lovely finishing detail, Tonderai has used a file to add a thin white rim all the way around the edge. This is a brilliant flourish that helps the eye pick out the movement in the sculpture.