Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 48cm (h)
  • 41cm (w)
  • 28cm (d)


Shona artist Tonderai Sowa with one of his abstract sculptures

Tonderai Sowa


The higher part on the right is an elder. He is leaning over towards the younger person on the left, giving them some advice.

Traditional African cultures, including the Shona of Zimbabwe, respect and value the wisdom of old age that comes with a lifetime’s experience. Younger people respect their elders, learn from them and go to them for advice.

This is a fantastic medium-sized sculpture. It is a wonderful example of Tonderai’s astonishingly intricate style, with interest from every angle.

As with all Tonderai’s sculptures, this piece has been carved by hand from a single piece of raw stone.

Springstone is the local name for a hard variety of serpentine stone that rarely has any flaws. Its even internal structure of small grains of rock makes it a particularly good medium for Tonderai’s technically challenging style.

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