Power From Inside


Red Jasper

  • 32cm (h)
  • 19cm (w)
  • 8cm (d)


portrait photo of Tago Tazvitya

“Sometimes one can heal oneself by looking inside.”

The bird is meditating. The closed eye reflects a being drawing awareness inwards. It’s about the power of the mind to heal the body, through self-examination – diagnosing what’s wrong and finding a way to heal. This gives the sculpture a sense of stillness and completion.

Red jasper is a semi-precious gemstone that is finding increasing favour among Zimbabwean sculptors. Its extreme hardness (it needs electric tools to be worked, as it can’t be done by hand) makes it difficult and expensive to sculpt, but the end result is extraordinary. Tago is a senior artist, (hopefully) with better cashflow than younger artists, and he enjoys discovering and experimenting with some of the huge range of beautiful stones that Zimbabwe has hidden under the ground.