Inner Beauty



  • 13cm (h)
  • 21cm (w)
  • 15.5cm (d)


portrait photo of Tago Tazvitya

Tago Tazvitya


“Someone [who is] confident in themselves. They know who they are and they are not ashamed of themselves.”

Tago explores the different aspects of human nature, using his trademark storks as symbols. In this lovely sculpture, Tago also takes advantage of the structure and colour of the stone itself.

The agate is mainly a wonderful deep purple, and Tago has kept the form of the sculpture simple so we can enjoy the fascinating internal structure of the stone. However, there’s a very distinct pale area right at the centre of the piece, and for Tago this represents purity of heart and an inner self-confidence. Someone who knows themselves and is true to themselves carries themselves differently, so you can see it from the outside.

Agate is a very unusual medium for a Zimbabwean sculptor; indeed, Tago is one of very few artists who dare to take it on. Its extreme hardness (it needs electric tools to be worked, as it can’t be done by hand) makes it difficult and expensive to sculpt, but the end result is extraordinary.

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