Keep On Burning


Avocado Serpentine

  • 54cm (h)
  • 37cm (w)
  • 23cm (d)


A little flame flickering, one that brings life rather than a big fire that destroys life. Like a word of encouragement that helps to keep your passion burning, to keep on striving.

The movement of the sculpture sweeps upwards, like flames dancing above the embers.

Willard was a new addition to Guruve’s gallery of Zimbabwean sculptors a couple of years ago, and we think his work is exceptional. This piece would make a real statement with a darkish background and clever use of a spotlight.

Unsurprisingly, this hard variety of serpentine stone has been named ‘avocado’ after its striking green and yellow colouration. It is the perfect medium for Willard’s elegant but technically challenging sculptures. Add to that, that it is the stone found virtually on his doorstep in northern Zimbabwe, and you can see why he’s so keen on it!

The colours in the stone are entirely natural, merely enhanced by the application of a coat of clear wax. The lines you can see are part of the natural stone, created when the serpentine formed under great heat and pressure – they are not cracks or lines of weakness.