Leopard Rock (Serpentine)

  • 82cm (h)
  • 41cm (w)
  • 28cm (d)


portrait photo of Willard Bopoto

Willard Bopoto


“The important decisions you face in life and the choices you make determine the path of your future life.”

The sculpture shows the complete set of crucial decisions a person has made at pivotal moments in their life.

This is an exceptional sculpture, with its elegant fluid lines and organic form, from an artist brimming with confidence.

It’s also a very versatile height, as it is small enough to be displayed indoors without being overwhelming. Equally, on a tall narrow plinth in a flowerbed so it hovers above the plants, it would have great dramatic impact.

The creamy pale green of the stone works well with natural materials such as wood and sandstone, and also with popular interior colours such as grey and beige.

It’s almost unbelievable to think that Willard has sculpted this complex and intricate form from a single piece of raw stone.

This variety of ‘leopard rock’ serpentine, with its lovely colours and complex internal patterning, comes from northern Zimbabwe near Willard’s home. It is very hard and impermeable, so it’s suitable for outdoor display even in temperate climates.

Imperial measurements are: 32″ (h) x 16″ (w) x 11″ (d) and 130lbs

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