Shona sculpture artist portrait Timothy Gwaravaza

Timothy Gwaravaza

Timothy Gwaravaza was born in 1992 in Wedza, Zimbabwe, south east of the capital Harare.

He grew up under the guidance of his grandfather (sekuru) who was a renowned hunter and his grandmother (ambuya) who was a storyteller and a potter.

Around 2015, Timothy’s brother Tendai Gwaravaza encouraged him to take up stone sculpting.

Timothy’s main inspiration for his abstract forms is Shona culture and beliefs in the spiritual world, and this overlaps with Zimbabwe’s mainly Christian faith.

His childhood in the sango (bush) means that he also derives ideas from nature and natural forms.

Recent awards and competitions:

2018               Finalist (mixed media work) in a competition held at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare

2017               Finalist (abstract category), in a competition held at Chitungwiza Arts Centre, Zimbabwe

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