Still Enslaved


Welded found metal objects (recyclia)

  • 52cm (h)
  • 39cm (w)


Biography Portrait of Danisile Ncube

Danisile Ncube


“The sculpture shows someone behind bars. In today’s Zimbabwe, the bars constraining people are not only from state repression, they are also monetary; the people are in an economic prison where the imploding economy and financial hardships prevent people from achieving and succeeding as they should.”

An incisive comment on both the repressive regime in charge of Danny’s home of Zimbabwe, which increasingly existed to serve itself rather than its people and shows no sign of relinquishing power despite the departure of its figurehead Mugabe, and also on the appallingly poor economic situation in the country (caused to a large extent by misguided policies and state corruption), exhausting and frustrating its people.

Danisile lives and works in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second city and capital of Matabeleland, where he studied art at Mzilikazi Arts Centre and worked under Adam Madebe.