Strengthening The Bond Between Us


Leopard Rock (Serpentine)

  • 61cm (h)
  • 42cm (w)
  • 19cm (d)


portrait photo of Tago Tazvitya

Tago Tazvitya


“I was thinking of playful lovers and the joy of intimacy. Sometimes, when lovers are together, they are like kids.”

Tago expresses human emotions through the metaphor of his trademark storks. Like humans, storks also often form loving and long-term monogamous relationships and help each other to raise their offspring. They reinforce the pair-bond by performing courtship dances together, and they often preen each other.

This piece is a versatile size; it would work well indoors as the dark green would be very striking against a pale backdrop. Alternatively, you can also display it outdoors, providing a focal point in a flowerbed or by a pond perhaps?

‘Leopard rock’ serpentine is usually a pale yellow-green with black spots, hence the name.

However, this particular variety comes from near the town of Guruve in northern Zimbabwe. It is extremely hard and durable. All colouration and patterning within the stone is entirely natural. It is a super medium to sculpt, as it is dense and impermeable, with very few flaws and is frost-resistant.

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