Guruve’s most popular artist Willard Bopoto enjoys success…

12th December 2022

Willard Bopoto with his new car

Willard Bopoto with his new car – tangible evidence of success!

Congratulations to Willard Bopoto

We’re delighted to see that Willard has bought a car!! Well done, Willard! Makorokoto!!

Guruve’s most popular artist for 2022 is Willard Bopoto.

The success of his 2021 collection meant that he received a record amount of profit share from Guruve in 2022. Combined with selling us another fabulous collection of sculptures for 2023 – more of that to come on Guruve’s web gallery in March 2023 – and he has bought this terrific Honda estate.

Tangible proof of how Guruve helps artists to transform their lives.

Willard has also purchased land and is building a seven-room house for him and his family, so hopefully more photos of that project to come in 2023, but for now, once again, CONGRATULATIONS WILLARD!!

Many thanks to all our clients who have bought works by Willard, and so have contributed to his success. Thanks indeed to all our clients, your purchases help us spend more money in Zimbabwe and to give financial gifts to our artists, and create real improvements in living standards and tangible results.


portrait photo of Edronce Rukodzi

Edronce Rukodzi


Edronce is especially known for the detailed geometric designs that cover his sculptures, leaning on the traditional designs of the Shona royal house from which Edronce claims descent.

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