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13th March 2021

We woke up this morning to an unexpected, but very welcome, post to an online group for Zimbabwean sculptors. The author is Taurai Tigere, former chairman of Chitungwiza Arts Centre. Not only does ‘doing business the right way’ form the core principle of Guruve’s business model, but we also know it is hugely important to many of our valued clients. It’s lovely to know that all our efforts to work with respect and friendship is truly appreciated.

The Guruve Ltd story that I know…

“Emma and Tim Haire came along at the formative years of Chitungwiza Arts Centre as new entrants into art business. 

“They created a relationship with the community of artists and soon got to know their aspirations and dreams. Many young artist‘s desire is to be recognised and gain overseas marketing of their artworks.

“Guruve Ltd became a platform of opportunity for the creative artists to showcase their artworks.

“I remember the news that spread around August every year, ‘Tim naEmma vave kuuya’, that is, they are coming to Zimbabwe – they would usually arrive around mid October. 

“A small present of atleast 4 chasing combs from UK were made available to all artists upon their arrival. Those whose artworks had sold well would receive additional tools to help enhance their work. [NB actually they also received actual cash from our profit share system too!]

“They encouraged a competitive creative atmosphere as their business model has always been to market the young not so popular artists and bring them to the spotlight. We all did our best in order for our sculptures to attract their attention.

“There are some artists who stood out and whose creative artworks connected well with market segment targeted by Guruve Ltd. We have the like of Onias Mupumha who went on to become the first artist in our community to win a National Award and many others like Ishmael Chitiyo, Peter Gwisa, Peter Chidzonga, Antony Masamba, Stanford Chanakira and others who were so young in those early years.

“Guruve Ltd will then sponsor a party were everyone would enjoy and be merry into the night.

Tim and Emma with Matthew Zvondai (left) and Manyowa Meda (right) from many years ago!

“Thank you Emma and Tim for adopting a business model that gave platform and opportunity for the otherwise unknown artists to receive exposure, marketing and name recognition. Your incentives to the artists have shown us that you put people first in your approach.

“When I became a chairman of the community and asked for your support with gazebo rebuild you promptly agreed and when we came in again as a collective during the unprecedented 2020 Covid19 induced hardships with artists in dire straits you promptly donated to the Collective Fundraising Campaign despite you not buying art from the hundreds of beneficiaries on that list.

“Thank you Emma and Tim.”

Posted on FaceBook on 13 March 2021

Ethical business model

What a lovely statement of appreciation, we are very moved to see our ethical principles have made such a difference. In fact, we have never bought any sculpture from Taurai himself, though we are long-standing customers of his father Matthew Zvondai. And we should add (tongue in cheek!) that no inducements were made to encourage Taurai to suddenly put pen to paper in our favour, haha!

Tim and committee with Guruve donation of chasing combs for young artists at Chitungwiza Arts Centre
Guruve’s donation of sculpting tools gratefully received by Arts Centre committee members

You can find out more about our long record of ethical business operations and donations made – rest assured, there’s not room for us to list all the gifts and assistance we have made over the years. Most recently, we stepped in to help one of our top artists with a cataract operation when he lost his sight. Now he has at least 70% of his vision restored, and can work again and support his family.

Young sculptors at the Arts Centre in Zimbabwe with tonnes of raw stone donated by Guruve
Guruve has donated many tonnes of raw stone to the young sculptors at the Arts Centre over the years

Many of our valued customers care deeply about supporting African artists, and they choose to buy through Guruve because they can see that their money makes a difference to lives of the artists and their families. Please keep supporting Guruve so we can continue to support our artists through these difficult times. Thank you.

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