portrait photo of Richard Mupumha

Richard Mupumha

Richard Mupumha was born in 1963 in Makoni, Zimbabwe. As a child, he used to mould animals from clay and was the best wood carver at school. In 1993, after a succession of unfulfilling jobs, he became a full-time sculptor.

“I am possessed by my forefathers’ spirits, who were highly talented artists…I feel very proud developing and continuing with the art tradition my forefathers passed on to me…this is part of our heritage.”

Recent awards include:

  • First Prize, ‘Art for Charity’ competition, Swiss and Zimbabwean Rotary Project (2016)
  • finalist in the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) Mixed Media category (2013)

In 1996 and 1998, Richard held successful workshops and exhibitions in Germany. Back home, he also did exhibitions at the National Gallery and the Springstone Gallery. In 2002, he travelled to Germany and Spain for more workshops.

Numerous prestigious galleries have promoted Richard Mupumha, including Gallerie Dielemann (Belgium), The Sembach Gallery (South Africa) and Galerie Zvakanaka (The Netherlands) plus many in the United States.

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