Frank McEwen bequest to British Museum now online

2nd December 2017

Images of the sculptures bequested by Frank McEwen, OBE, to the British Museum are now online.

The collection includes early works by some of the most significant artists in the Shona sculpture art movement, and we’re sure our collectors will find them fascinating.

Frank McEwen, OBE was the influential first curator of the National Gallery in Salisbury, Rhodesia (1957-1973). He encouraged local artists and brought their work to a worldwide audience, with ground-breaking exhibitions at Musée Rodin and the ICA amongst others. He retired in 1973, due to ill-health caused by continued resistance to his work from his white peers.

Artists included within McEwen’s collection include Sylvester Mubayi, John Takawira, Locardia Ndandarika, Henry Munyaradzi and Bernard Matemera.

Spirit Rhino sculpture by Zimbabwean sculptor Sylvester Mubayi
portrait photo of Sylvester Mubayi

Sylvester Mubayi


Sylvester is a venerated old man, one of the ‘first generation’ of Zimbabwean sculptors. His life and work is guided by Shona culture and beliefs, and as an elder he teaches and advises the younger members of his community through metaphor and storytelling

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