Turning Over A New Leaf


Fruit Serpentine

  • 21.5cm (h)
  • 30cm (w)
  • 16cm (d)
artist biography photo of Zimbabwean stone sculptor Antony Masamba from guruve's ethical online gallery, experts in unique Shona stone sculpture from Zimbabwe

Antony Masamba


A person enjoying a new chapter in their life.

The top of the sculpture appears as if the stone has been folded over.

A really stunning yet simple small piece from one of our top young abstract sculptors. From every angle, its curving surfaces and elegant lines create an exciting new viewpoint.

A wonderful and original work of art at a very affordable price.

‘Fruit serpentine’ is the local Zimbabwean name for this very colourful, slightly translucent type of serpentine stone. Each small mine has its own unique colour and texture combination, and this is a particularly lovely variety.