Guiding Birds


Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 44cm (h)
  • 28cm (w)
  • 13.5cm (d)


portrait photo of Peter Chidzonga

Peter Chidzonga


One bird looks one way, one the the other – perhaps they are deciding which direction to take…

Peter strokes the stone with a blunt rasp to achieve the brushed effect of the feathers. The abrasion lightens the stone’s surface, creating contrasting colour and texture with the smooth dark shiny surfaces. This contrast is highlighted by Peter’s customary precise definition and attention to detail.

It is very easy to light sculptures with this matt white surface, so with clever use of a spotlight against a dark background you can really make a dramatic statement, even with a smaller piece such as this.

The piece is in the UK and will be shipped from there; P&P at buyer’s expense.