portrait photo of Zimbabwean Shona artist Jonathan Mhondorohuma

Jonathan Mhondorohuma

Jonathan Mhondorohuma was born in 1969 in Mvurwi, Zimbabwe. In 1989, Jonathan’s friend, the sculptor Square Chikwanda, invited him up to Tengenenge to experiment with stone sculpture.

After six months there, Jonathan moved to Harare, where a chance meeting with the master first-generation Shona sculptor Joseph Ndandarika in Harare lead  the artists to work together. The late Ndandarika is widely regarded as one of the greatest sculpting talents Zimbabwe has ever known, and Mhondorohuma was privileged to work with him until his death in 1991.

By 1997, Jonathan had established his name as an important new talent in the Zimbabwean art scene, and he was invited to join the Artist Residency programme at the prestigious Chapungu Sculpture Centre, and a close relationship with the gallery remains to this day.

Recent exhibitions include:

  • 2009 Group sculpture exhibition, Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, Vancouver, Canada
  • 2007 Permanent work on display at the Bermuda National Gallery Sculpture Garden
  • 2006 Group sculpture exhibition ‘Custom and Legend: A Culture In Stone’ (organised by Chapungu), Missouri Botanical Gardens, USA
  • 2001 Joint exhibition with Dominic Benhura, Gallery Munhumatapa, South Africa

There are more super sculptures by Jonathan Mhondorohuma available through our other company, the Shona Sculpture Gallery in Harare, Zimbabwe. Click on the link to see Shona Sculpture Gallery’s Jonathan Mhondorohuma pieces.

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