Brown Serpentine

  • 103cm (h)
  • 37cm (w)
  • 32cm (d)


Famous Zimbabwean sculptor Edward Chiwawa of the Shona sculpture art movement

Edward Chiwawa


This outstanding sculpture tells us about the Shona celebration of the harvest.

“When the crops are brought in, everyone gathers to rejoice. The elders pour beer on the ground [libation] to thank the ancestors for watching over the people and their crops.”

Edward was a great-grandfather when he created this sculpture. Like all of his senior generation, he was a reservoir of cultural knowledge and experience – and this informed much of his sculpting. This impressive work speaks of times past, and of traditions maintained in rural communities to this day.

Edward signed it on the base.

The stone is a hard type of serpentine, but we would recommend covering it during a hard frost if you display it outdoors.