Man Of Wisdom


Flower Serpentine

  • 36cm (h)
  • 17cm (w)
  • 11cm (d)


Famous Zimbabwean sculptor Edward Chiwawa of the Shona sculpture art movement

Edward Chiwawa


“He is a man of peace. He comes to people quietly, and when he speaks they listen as they value what he has to say.”

Edward is a senior man, of around 100 years of age (though no-one knows for sure). In African culture, age and experience are deeply respected. Drawing on his cultural beliefs for inspiration, here Edward has sculpted a sekuru – an elderly man to whom younger people come for advice and guidance.

This interesting mottled green stone is a variety of serpentine stone that comes from Mudhindho in northern Zimbabwe. All colouration in the stone is entirely natural.

Edward has signed it on the base.