Paying Attention



  • 29cm (h)
  • 16cm (w)
  • 11cm (d)


portrait photo of Sylvester Mubayi

Sylvester Mubayi


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“The daughter-in-law pays particular attention to what her mother-in-law says; she shows her great respect.”

The daughter-in-law (muroora) is a theme that keeps popping up in Shona sculpture. In Zimbabwean culture, a young woman is expected to behave with great deference to her husband’s family when she marries. As time passes, and she becomes first a mother and then a grandmother, respect accrues to her.

Lepidolite is a mineral of the mica group, containing lithium. This stone came from Bikita, one of two sources in Zimbabwe. Lepidolite from the other mine in Mutoko is a deeper purple.