How To Sell

Guruve is an important international hub for the secondary market in the highly collectable works of the ‘first generation’ of Zimbabwe’s shona sculpture movement.

We are happy for collectors of contemporary African art to offer their works for sale through us, although we only offer this service for the most famous names.

If you have a work of African art by a recognised* artist that you wish to sell, you are welcome to contact us to discuss it. It helps tremendously if you can email us photographs of the artwork(s), along with size and medium, and also any information you can provide about how and when it came into your possession.

We can provide a copy of our standard terms to form the basis of a formal agreement between the Gallery and the Seller. Guruve charges a commission for sales made through the web gallery; this rate rises if we have to do any remedial work prior to the artwork being shown on the gallery.

We have very limited space, so it is only in exceptional circumstances that we will store any such sculptures on behalf of the Seller. It is far preferable that artworks offered for sale stay with the Seller to enjoy until they are sold. However, most sellers find the photography necessary for web listing a real challenge, so you are welcome to bring artworks to us for photographing.

* As a guide, for the Shona sculpture movement we would be interested in showing genuine works by:

  • Nicholas Mukomberanwa
  • Joseph Ndandarika
  • Henry Munyaradzi
  • Bernard Matemera
  • John Takawira
  • Bernard Takawira
  • Brighton Sango
  • Boira Mteki
  • Joram Mariga
  • Moses Masaya

Please note: artworks belonging to third party sellers are selected by Guruve to be advertised for sale on our web gallery entirely at our discretion, such decisions based mainly on artist and medium but also on age, condition, authenticity, and saleability inter alia. We reserve the right to refuse to show artworks and we are not obliged to give our reasons for so doing.