portrait photo of Charles Kowo

Charles Kowo

Charles Kowo was a new addition to Guruve’s online gallery last year, and all his pieces sold out. He’s done some super work for us this year – and they have sold out again! If you would like a preview of any pieces he makes for us for 2020, please contact us by email.

Charles was born in 1980 in Mutoko in north-eastern Zimbabwe, a stunning mountainous region where purple lepidolite and the serpentine stone known as leopard rock are found.

When his father died in 1992, his mother moved back to her parents in Guruve in northern Zimbabwe, taking the eight children with her.

Guruve is the main town in an area of very interesting geology and there are many stone sculptors working in the area. Charles met Obert Marime, an experienced sculptor who created abstract pieces, and was very impressed and interested in this artform. He asked Obert to teach him to sculpt. Obert very kindly agreed, so from 2002-2005 Charles stayed with Obert and worked as his assistant and learned the basic techniques of sculpting.

In 2005, with Obert’s encouragement, Charles started to work on his own pieces. Although he was now creating his own work, Charles stayed with Obert until 2012 when Charles moved closer to Harare. The benefit of this move was a flow of customers coming through on their way to meet various sculptors and to visit the local serpentine mines. With cheap, easily accessible raw materials and a growing customer base, Charles is now established in his home.