Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 86cm (h)
  • 41cm (w)
  • 33.5cm (d)


portrait photo of Charles Kowo

Charles Kowo


“The central loop is person going through life, thinking they are doing fine and well. But if someone new comes into their life, they can lift them even higher.”

So you can be moving along thinking you are complete and achieving all that you can. At any time, someone else can appear and this new person can change things. Their influence can stimulate you to try new things, or expand an existing project, and bring even more happiness or success into your life. They can lift you up to even greater things, as represented by the topmost loop.

Springstone is a hard variety of serpentine stone. It is dense and impermeable and has very few flaws that might be exacerbated by frost action. Therefore, it is suitable for outdoor display even in colder climates.