The Couple


Cobalt Stone (Serpentine)

  • 29cm (h)
  • 26cm (w)
  • 9cm (d)


Famous Zimbabwean sculptor Edward Chiwawa of the Shona sculpture art movement

Edward Chiwawa


They lean their heads towards each other, to show their closeness. Also, the overall form of the sculpture is subtly heart-shaped, representing their love for each other.

There is a very pleasing balance and simplicity to this piece, and an appealing theme. It’s a quintessential example of Chiwawa’s work, with his trademark double-ringed eyes, curving brow and sharply-edged noses. Sadly, now that Edward Chiwawa has passed away, this is one of the last few pieces of his work Guruve has in stock.

‘Cobalt stone’ is the local Zimbabwean name for this type of serpentine, which is typically a mixture of purple and green. It does not, as far as we know, contain any cobalt mineral but may originally have been discovered near a cobalt mine.

Edward has signed it on the base.

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