The Princess


Cobalt Stone (Serpentine)

  • 57cm (h)
  • 29cm (w)
  • 9cm (d)


Lovemore Bonjisi portrait photo

Lovemore Bonjisi


We love ‘The Princess’ for her exquisitely sculpted facial details and the elegant sweep of the her neck.

Lovemore Bonjisi makes a welcome return to Guruve’s gallery in 2022. This piece is a super example of his very collectable work.

Cobalt stone is the local Zimbabwean name for this purple-green variety of serpentine stone. Although it is reasonably hard, it does tend to have a more layered internal structure than most other serpentines. Frost can damage between the layers, so for peace of mind we would recommend this piece for indoor display.

This piece is in the UK and will be shipped from there; P&P at buyer’s expense.