Wise Queen



  • 28cm (h)
  • 18cm (w)
  • 18cm (d)


portrait photo of Zimbabwean artist Munyaradzi Jeche

Munyaradzi Jeche


“She looks after everyone and and helps cure her people’s ills.”

In Munyaradzi’s typical abstract style, this is a representation of a woman’s head. The two holes, or negative spaces, are her big round eyes through which she watches over her people.

We’re always looking for something new, and this is it – never before have we seen Munyaradzi tackle granite, that notoriously hard stone. Actually, he seemed to find it fairly easy to work (though obviously done with machinery, not hand tools!) and the result is this charming little sculpture. A few months later, Munyaradzi completed a second piece in granite.

The lines are sharp and crisp, the surfaces smooth and lovely to stroke. The colour of stone, a dark pinky-red, is very appealing and the pale crystals within the stone give it a fascinating subtlety and depth.

Being granite, clearly it will be suitable for outdoor display in all climates; alternatively, given its size, any interior space including kitchen and bathroom areas.

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