‘Nyebe’ (Going Home)


Acrylic on canvas

  • 90cm (h)
  • 90cm (w)
portrait photo of njogu touray

Njogu Touray


The painting is 90cm diameter.

This painting is part of Njogu’s kenyeleng series, inspired by the colourful and unusual dress and activities of this women’s group in The Gambia.

Kenyelengs have a primary concern for the welfare of the family. They have a strong belief for the continuity of the family and a healthy community; therefore they try to safeguard against losing a child. Kenyelengs play a useful role in self-support, assisting women who lose their children at a young age. They are great communicators, skilful in mending strained relationships in the community with the ability to crack jokes and act silly in a jovial and friendly way.

In the evening, the women are going home and they move from the sunset into the night. They are carrying calabashes decorated with beads, which are symbolic of fertility, as the kenyeleng movement revolves around protecting and restoring fertility. The cowrie shell also appears. It is a traditional symbol of wealth, as it used to be a unit of currency.