Best Friends


Oil and acrylic on canvas

  • 87cm (h)
  • 97cm (w)
  • 2cm (d)


Charles Nkomo of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Charles Nkomo


“In life, each one of us needs a special person [with whom] we share what we are going through. That one particular person becomes a pillar for us to lean on. In this painting, the woman in the bold red dress is the solid friend, extending her hand and opening her heart to her two friends. Each of them has different issues: the figure on the right feels inadequate and needs reassurance, the friend with the fuller figure only pretends to be comfortable in her skin. [Their friend] knows how to listen, whether it’s good times or bad times, and give emotional support. Her extended arm is a gesture of her willingness to support her friends. She is that person who the two friends depend on.”

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