I Will Bring You Some Food


White Marble

  • 32cm (h)
  • 17cm (w)
  • 24cm (d)


portrait photo of Sylvester Mubayi

Sylvester Mubayi


Price reduced from £2,100!

“Always bring some food when you visit friends.”

In every African society we know, it would be unthinkable to arrive empty-handed when visiting. You don’t have to let people know you’re coming or how long you plan to stay (which would be very rude in our society) but if you have no gifts, you commit a terrible faux pas.

Dolomite marble is a very hard crystalline stone composed mainly of dolomite mineral. It looks fantastic in sunlight, as the multitude of crystal facets catch the light and sparkle. This is identical to the marble used by great European sculptors, but is mined in Zimbabwe.