Comfortable In My Skin


Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 89cm (h)
  • 21cm (w)
  • 19cm (d)


portrait photo of Tutani Mgabazi

Tutani Mgabazi


Society has its expectations of women – how they look, how they dress, how they behave and so on. But she is thinking, “I am grateful for the way I am and happy to be who I am.”

Tutani has used various sculpting techniques to create this elegant lady. Firstly, a chasing hammer, with rows of little teeth, to create the regularly textured white of her dress. For her hair, he has stroked the stone a rasp to create the matt white finish (full of tiny parallel scratches), with the lines of her braids cut with a grinder. He created the smooth shiny black surfaces by sanding the stone and then heating it and applying clear wax.

The use of contrasting textures and finishes is very typical of the Shona sculpture movement as a whole.

Sculptures with this matt white surface look fantastic when lit up with a spotlight too, so you can enjoy it at night as well!