On Top Of Things


Avocado Serpentine

  • 29cm (h)
  • 29cm (w)
  • 17cm (d)


This piece can be interpreted quite literally – the central hole represents a person’s brain, the inner circle of the sculpture is their head and the outer circle represents their arms coming up and over to protect the head. Their head is contained and protected physically.

There is also a more metaphorical explanation: the inner space is ‘life’ and the neatness of the concentric circles surrounding it reflects the fact that this person’s life is orderly and everything is contained and under control.

Tanyanyiwa gives a thoughtful and intriguing dual explanation, the latter showing an increasingly mature understanding that how we approach each situation that life presents to a large extent determines the outcome.

Unsurprisingly, this hard variety of serpentine stone has been named ‘avocado’ after its striking green and yellow colouration. The colours and texture within the stone are entirely natural, enhanced by the application of a coat of clear wax.