Blossoming Flower


White Marble

  • 20cm (h)
  • 16cm (w)
  • 15cm (d)


“The petals are all interlocked, a beautiful pure white flower.”

In 2009, Tanyanyiwa won the Bernard Matemera Foundation ‘Artist Of The Year’ prize in 2009. His was the most original work, and that individuality continues! There are echoes of Moore and Hepworth in this fascinating piece, but Tanya’s creativity is all his own.

This lovely little piece is tremendous value for a unique work of art and a fine example of our belief that we should provide art of the highest quality for all budgets.

Zimbabwean marble is a very hard crystalline stone composed mainly of dolomite mineral. It looks fantastic in sunlight, as the multitude of crystal facets catch the light and sparkle. This is identical to the marble used by great European sculptors, but is mined in Zimbabwe. The brown lines are slight imperfections in the stone – the finest white marble is pure white.