Ddungu (The Victim)


Oil on canvas

  • 46cm (h)
  • 81cm (w)
portrait photo of Godfrey Banadda

Godfrey Banadda


“Ddungu was a Munyoro god. To the Baganda of Uganda, he is the king of all animals and manifests as a lion.

“Hunters among the Baganda believe in a mysterious force that helps them to execute successful expeditions, and they pray to Ddungu before the hunt.”

Ddungu’s victim is a symbol of defencelessness against the power that rules animals and the beasts of the wilderness.

A large body of Godfrey’s work has been inspired by the myths and beliefs of the various peoples of Uganda.

Godfrey’s work is a flight of fancy, a vivid journey into magical realism, that brings the joy and energy of Africa to life.

Godfrey is head of painting at the Makerere University of Kampala Art School, East Africa’s most prestigious art institution. He has exhibited worldwide for decades and was part of the groundbreaking ‘Seven Stories of Modern Art in Africa’ exhibition.

Guruve are proud to represent him in the UK.